Monday, December 31, 2007

Two Worlds

Prayer unto the Merciful;

In the name of Man:

Take her soul away today

Reveal the master plan.

Trapped in a vessel of mangled flesh

She is but innocence

Tapped of energies mind’s depressed

Hard to see the sense

Her mission none can comprehend

Perhaps to teach compassion

Now send her down unto her end

The vines have seen their rations

Perhaps it is but selfish instinct

To petition for such an act

But the High-Priest’s mother was succinct

Knowing none to argue the facts

One’s Mercy is another’s Justice

One’s Justice is another’s Mercy

I know not of cosmic scales

Nor the deeds they weigh

I know of sleepless wails

And machinations’ prey

From whence will come the maidservant

To smash an object on the ground

Release her from her torment

Distract the Sages’ sounds

She’d lift her 10 curled fingers

Towards the heights of heavens

May the melodious angelic singers

Usher her in “Peace” through Seven

Sunday, December 2, 2007

House of Fire - House of Flame

Oh my brothers how I love thee

Oh my brothers come complete me

I am not the pigeon-stool you think I am

I am not the foolish dreamer poet slam

Sons of servants see me as your kin

Sons of fervent fathers see your skin

Papa sent me from the Valley of Friends

Papa’s visions beheld not dead-ends

The kindly Master pointed in a direction

The kindly Master pointed to redemption

In the well from which it was propelled

In the shell from which I was expelled

Nomadic traders - long lost relations

Tragic traitors cast me into the lap of temptations

Thursday, November 29, 2007


prolificity and profundity seldom in pairs

the truth between them splitting hairs

discharge of monumental proportions

heavenwards looking for the fortunes

worthless words like sheppards herds

blindly obeying lips directives invectives

chaotic jumble to humble the tongue

the very one that has sung

impediment before the ONE

cannot lead nor heed

for natures not begotten the deed

it must crumble and fall

though we stumble and crawl

from whence will leadership arise

it is not I that can bring demise

escape in birth the brutal edicts

royal garb commence self-evict

strike down the tyrant’s hand

flee the land

behold wondrous forms

amidst thistle and thorn

an eternal flame hallowed ground

external name narrowed found

proof! Before the elders

the doubters soul welders

mass revelation mass dedication

the only manner capable

of mass confirmation

return to the tribes

as one of them

bearing no bribes

no regal gems

I need my brother

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Go to...

The red thread of atonement

Tied to a scapegoat sent to Azazel:

Rationally inclined

Rationally of mind

Rationally designed

Emotionally confined

Emotionally maligned

Emotionally defined

Dangerously blind

Dangerously refined

Dangerously timed


Omnidirectional flaming sword

Entrance by Man is abhorred

The Cherubs zealously protect the territory

They sing one to another Man’s sorry story

Attain holy keys in order to enter

Restricted from every which kind of dissenter

Open the Logos up to our minds

Allow it to breath the way it’s designed

Suffocating in Exile and Expulsion

Our contempt still not leading to revulsion

Abundant compassion poured upon our heads

Like the miserable showers rained upon the dead

Lift these dry bones that have been left to rot

Lift these stones to prove You’ve not forgot

Pishon, Gihon, Perat, and Chiddekel

Elusively near, a geographic speckle

One day the gates shall open wide

Our sins will have been cast aside

Everyone attaining prophetic degrees

Free of the falling mystical debris

Truth will ring throughout 70 lands

Having conquered all of time’s sands

The River of Life within our grasp

While we draw in final gasps

Across the precipice into another realm

Like Aminadav’s son I will take the helm

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Pray that it is the former…

“I will hasten it” or “In its time”.

Son of David or son of Joseph.

Miraculous or Natural.

With the Clouds of Heaven

or upon a Donkey.

Spiritual or Material .

Worthy or Unworthy.

Peace or War.

Unified or Dispersed.

Instantaneously or Evolutionarily

Exalted or Shamed

… Fear it is only the latter

Rays of Dawn

Your bones like grass will sprout and obliterate all doubt,

as the folk-singing mystic called:

“The words of the prophet are written on the subway wall”

The aerosol assassin conveyed the delays,

his presence shattering what the babes say

Hearken unto words that unfold, untold and bold

they shall enlighten the minds that are tightened and rigid

To conform and be born into a shell of darkness

has been the condemnation of the ages and the sages

How much longer to Leipzig? Over and over and over

now it is finally the time to ask, and yet you bask

In the ignorance that refuses and confuses and illuses

the footsteps echo from around the bend and send

The messages that etch into intellects that can detect

all the sorrows of tomorrow fade away to yesterday

All shades of gray kept at bay so they’ve prayed

discerning the blurred lines between schwarze and white

Placing crowned letters of black fire to the pages delight

now the words are read and said and known and throned

the Divine has telephoned

Theodicy appropriate for the Sinaitic odyssey must transmit

“May those who reckon the end of days perish”

like words sprinkled on time as a relish

this imperative no longer involved for the riddles been already solved

They built a fence around us erect till now

To protect both us and sacred cows

but the time has come to bow

For the One to serve is sending fate not too early not too late

We were on a date but were philanderers

We have a clean slate and are panhandlers

Doling out abundant mercies returning to Her marquee

housed and contained though we’ve not abstained weve obtained

A clemency a pardon a wonderful Garden

We turn home for lights shown our eyes what’s disguised

The saga of sages rages in the night chancing upon dawn

Opening up into the Land of the Fawn

To stretch open armed, waged against Seven Nations

Ploughing the farm staged to rest in Eternal fixation

The fix of a junky starved for millennia left out in absentia

Finally given a taste of the craving that’s been saving

The souls of the masses stuck like molasses in this conflated Exile

Whose style corrupts disrupts erupts into flowing doom

Doom that’s come in full bloom and wilted

Its been stilted to allow for the final flowering of Redemption

The humming of whose song can be heard in detention

No longer trapped into the notion that “ALL ROADS LEAD TO EDOM”

Foundation Stone

A stone of contention from time immemorial

Let us listen to the stone’s own editorial

Reverence before it we apply our identity

Upon it is written conflicted propensity

I was born of the contracted speck of infinity in the Big Bang,

I tell a grand tale of all after initial birthpang.

I am the navel of the earth and the universe,

the center of all that’s been given of His purse.

Upon me the man named Earth was created,

his sons offered scents but one of them was hated.

The last antediluvian named Rest also thread nearness upon me,

Eventually he bore shame crying ‘in vino veritas’ in glee.

Not too soon after the Exalted Monotheist came to offer his son,

I saw an angel come whisper that all can be undone.

The Struggler also saw them climb up and down,

when his head rest upon me his descendants bore crowns.

I was forgotten for many generations,

and had become a Jebusite threshing station.

Then a kingly child who slayed with a slingshot recalled,

that in me the progress of history had been stalled.

So I was purchased in destitution and returned with restitution,

his son Peace reigned by holy constitution.

In those days I provided the Presence a place to dwell,

around me two Temples crumbled and fell.

Greeks, Romans, Crusaders, Mohammed’s invaders,

all of them traitors.

The latter erected The Quba, and on me this has truly been the hardest.

They chip at me, clip at me and remove evidence,

that my grandeur was once great, and immense.

I’ve heard an anointed intends to pay me a visit,

and swords to ploughshares will submit.

I sense that the day is ever so near,

listen closely you’ll hear the rams horn clear.”

A stone of ascension from time immemorial

We have listened to the stone’s editorial

Let it provoke us to secure rectification

The one as intended from sacred formation

The Undeserving

Return us all to the Garden

After all, our souls are hardened

Like the Pharonic heart of stone

Now animate the Luz bone

Pardon me - it is not contempt

My soul’s overgrown and unkempt

Can we be culpable for lack of will?

Can Divine Messengers achieve multiple thrills?

We’ve all our design and our mission

We’ve even achieved nuclear fission

Power to destroy Power to build

Power to enjoy and to be spilled

In its time they say it will come

Unless we deserve the presence of ONE

When will He return Her to the resting place?

When will the burner take sins to erase?

Lapis philosophorum you do reveal at resurrection

Those who’ve merited achieving perfection

Debates of antiquity over the prophecies

Date restricted clover covering ground blissfully

One day it will arrive

We will know

We will strive

The 4 corners of our garments will be held

For all the misery will be felled

It’s already begun the eclipsing sun

I’ve already sung its already done


Edenic Plea

The sin of the Garden is the sin on our heads

The sin of the Serpent is in our beds

Dip into water so secure so unsure

Danger, danger but there’s allure

I want to be pure I want to be whole

I want to be sure I want a clean soul

The reeds sway against the nude

The shivers ascend ever so rude

Bring the adulterated flesh to the alter

Bring the syncopated one to Gibraltar

Contain the contaminated

And seal me like I’m laminated

If only it were so simple

To be another time wrinkle

Take it way as if we’d never played

Take it away as if we’d never bathed

The sin of Life was that she tempted me

The sin of Earth was his Lillit’s bickering

On the new moon of the fourth month

Of the 8th year after Creation I felt a new sensation

I am now fallen I am now calling

I am now on the floor bawling

Cleanse me please! Set me at ease…

This current affair it is a disease