Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rays of Dawn

Your bones like grass will sprout and obliterate all doubt,

as the folk-singing mystic called:

“The words of the prophet are written on the subway wall”

The aerosol assassin conveyed the delays,

his presence shattering what the babes say

Hearken unto words that unfold, untold and bold

they shall enlighten the minds that are tightened and rigid

To conform and be born into a shell of darkness

has been the condemnation of the ages and the sages

How much longer to Leipzig? Over and over and over

now it is finally the time to ask, and yet you bask

In the ignorance that refuses and confuses and illuses

the footsteps echo from around the bend and send

The messages that etch into intellects that can detect

all the sorrows of tomorrow fade away to yesterday

All shades of gray kept at bay so they’ve prayed

discerning the blurred lines between schwarze and white

Placing crowned letters of black fire to the pages delight

now the words are read and said and known and throned

the Divine has telephoned

Theodicy appropriate for the Sinaitic odyssey must transmit

“May those who reckon the end of days perish”

like words sprinkled on time as a relish

this imperative no longer involved for the riddles been already solved

They built a fence around us erect till now

To protect both us and sacred cows

but the time has come to bow

For the One to serve is sending fate not too early not too late

We were on a date but were philanderers

We have a clean slate and are panhandlers

Doling out abundant mercies returning to Her marquee

housed and contained though we’ve not abstained weve obtained

A clemency a pardon a wonderful Garden

We turn home for lights shown our eyes what’s disguised

The saga of sages rages in the night chancing upon dawn

Opening up into the Land of the Fawn

To stretch open armed, waged against Seven Nations

Ploughing the farm staged to rest in Eternal fixation

The fix of a junky starved for millennia left out in absentia

Finally given a taste of the craving that’s been saving

The souls of the masses stuck like molasses in this conflated Exile

Whose style corrupts disrupts erupts into flowing doom

Doom that’s come in full bloom and wilted

Its been stilted to allow for the final flowering of Redemption

The humming of whose song can be heard in detention

No longer trapped into the notion that “ALL ROADS LEAD TO EDOM”

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