Monday, December 14, 2009


The priestly family was on a mission - to stem back the tide of Hellenic sedition. The House of Sanctity had been defiled, foreshadowing an imminent Greek exile. They readied their blades for the wars of the Lord, to ensure that their purity would be restored. With His hammer they struck back to defend, His fiery words guiding their ends. The women too committed their lives and achieved success with a tyrant’s demise. Victory was granted into their hands, they emerged in triumph from their last stand. Cleansed of the filth, His House of Choice no longer soiled. It lacked only one thing and that was pure holy oil. A hidden cruse was Divine confirmation, lasting eight days, that He was their salvation.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Who hath the power?

Foolish rites and customs barons dukes knights and empty phrases carpe diem. Nuff said. Pilgrims Injuns bloody day, socialists anarachists compelled to pray. Nuff said. Feast on Franklin’s national bird contrary to every myth you thought ya heard. Nuff said. Gather round the youngins to corrupt the youth, no one’s sharing hemlock for the cyanide’s in your tooth. Nuff said. Fatal trajectory in the winds the financiers couldn’t help but bear their toothy grins. Nuff said. Stifle the system the unordered order and find your disorder. Nuff said. Say no more for there’s been nuff said. Nuff said to tell ya that nuff’s been said.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The pious of the ages

The pious of the ages emerging from sacred pages invest in the sages. The right and the left veer not from their acumen their regimen their illumined intellectual vitamin. Ingest it digest it divest it they’ve blessed it. Matter take form forlorn for their bond of life their eternal strife invigorated by Abraham’s knife. Commitment insistence delay the play take the stage again resort to that den that den of iniquity the den of base victory. Illicit plunder hidden from under a throne a glorious throne intended to atone for the sin, the shame, the blame, the terrible game. Don’t follow my stolen path back to the garden with granite barriers that’ve hardened arisen with sharp flames that I’ve tamed. Follow the righteous the recluse the invasive rescue the overdrive stay alive the instinctual subjugation hive the deathtrap of a body of a material waste in haste. Shun me like the leper the shlepper the one who leads astray the one white as snow but vile as a nuclear glow lest the infection go on the detection spurred and pawned passed off for another opponent another beast another brain stained by desire for hire. Easy to slay easy to stay its nothing but a mountain a molehill an edifice grand stand against the damned declare your war and sound the horn before another generation is born another devastation is torn another integration raises its beast of a head in the mourn.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Monarchic Night

Slithering around the world slithering from day to day slithering around the world is there nothing left to say. Holler at your people now, watch them curtsy kneel and bow, holler at your people now. Watch the empire hail their Mao. The heavens grant your gown and crown, the heavens grant your grin and frown. The laws are born of theft and force, the laws are born bereft of remorse. Every man endowed an image to reject, rape and pillage. The end is nigh the end is near, the end they’ll say there’s none to fear. Every move invites a stare, vanity tells you you don’t care. The end belies its own career, the end’ll crush your precious dear.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Kidney bean, cut me clean fork over dollars
Cant be seen, blood machine – everyone hollers
Saints and sinners join in hands
Surgeons rise to meet demands
Kidney bean, cut me clean fork over dollars
Dialysis narcissist save a man and save the world
Analysis cant resist slave to save that sagely pearl
Kidney bean, cut me clean fork over dollars
Cant be seen, blood machine – everyone hollers

Six Orders

Six orders six orders he arranged holy orders
Sagely crib notes of their Master’s quotes
Collected recorded preserved sanctified borders
Transmission on Sinai ever remote
Oral dissemination on the brink of destruction
Gathered, collated, bound and expounded
The Prince set down his divine instruction
Memorized, verbalized, eventually confounded
Law, tradition, sacred dictate
The nation imperiled cast to four winds
Preserved, conserved, not a moment too late
Revelation heralded despite our sad sins
Sura, Pumbadisa academies arose
New questions, old answers.
A new dialectic was left to compose
New questions old answers
Old answers new questions
New questions new questions
Old answers old answers
Six orders six orders we defend holy orders

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Perpetual Destruction

Sometimes I try to mourn and I just can’t bring myself to feel
Sometimes I try to mourn and fail to grasp that heal
Introspect and look within Introspect it flickers dim
Introspect retroject architect
I am master of my own design
Intellect I detect my own mine
Its just you just you the unjust the conceptual wanderlust
Traveling back and forth to and fro all within
All within and committed to sin committed to tin
Flexible malleable breakable animal
Be something more simply more something for
What for something more just for nothing more
Longer in exile than home

Monday, July 20, 2009

They're on the Horizon

The heavens swirl above
The heavens crash like doves
Fiery comets flame across the sky
Fiery comets dance across my eye
Oh cypress Oh cypress you pierce atmospheres
Oh cypress Oh cypress you fierce source of tears
Little hamlet down below
Sleeping, slumbering, silently
Catch the steeple spire
Little egret draped in snow
Whispering, grumbling, violently
Match the eagle, eagle’s ire
The blue hills roll away
The dew spills decay
And the righteous do return
The runts run amuck
Cold fronts a struck
And the righteous do return
Where do they hide?
Where do they bide?
The time it goes, it goes, it drifts
I watch it, I feel it, it passes me by
Change, its only evidence
To terrorize, to anathematize, to pulverize
My mind, my blind mind, my ignorance
The bliss it wisps it wisps
Broken promise, frailties honest
I’ll miss the wisps the locks
Where are the righteous?
How far, the righteous?
We are. We are. The righteous.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Enamored of Brisk

The structure the rupture the bleeding design
It twists and contorts it makes the mind blind
Determined as sermons to illuminate
To brighten conceptions and illustrate
At times it muddles in making its point
It primes and befuddles but won’t disappoint
The cheftza the gavra – ah its mistabra!
Nu, cut to the chase, the sevara awaits!
But the hava amina n’ maskana can’t both be right?
Ah, good ol’ tzvei dinim it cuts like a knife!
Massage, manipulate (coerce?) the text
Try not to leave a bit more perplexed
Clarity, lucidity, concepts defined
That is the goal, it sure is Divine

One cannot but help admire the beauty...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Zealot

The Zealot the Zealot the world hates the Zealot

He bashes and crashes and rains on parades

He mashes and clashes and reveals masquerades

He condemns and denounces your very existence

He coaxes and cajoles you to join the resistance

High and mighty he sits above the masses

Embodying virtues they’ve turned into lapses

The world detests him for he is what they’re not

The world resists him and wishes he’d rot

He stands in the breaches that’ve come to define us

He commands our attention, attempts to refine us

The Zealot the Zealot the world hates a Zealot

Friday, April 24, 2009


Delicacy of the moment,
A wisp before the mind
In praise of His design.

Eyes awaken, and I recognize my pure soul
He’s created it, fashioned it, breathed it into me
A true wonder I’ve not been found unworthy.
Eventually to be taken from the clutches of my flesh
If I merit resurrection it’ll be restored afresh.
For the God of my fathers – Gratitude
For the Master of deeds and Lord of souls – I conclude.
Blessed are You, Who restores the quintessence of man
To this dreadful body, this body that’s damned.

Delicate moment passed,
Wisp gone before the mind
A new one arrives
Begging praise of His design.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kiddush HaḤamah

The masses will cry out “it’s the sun! it’s the sun!”
And rush out into the streets to bless the Holy One.
They’ll proclaim the sovereignty of the Master of Creation,
Who arranged the constellations and graced His holy nation.
A moment will pass to contemplate the universe,
And consider the eons that have been traversed.
Form entrapped in but insignificant dust,
Granted the opportunity to express its trust.

Natural phenomenon in the Month of Redemption,
Raising fevered pitches and testing temptations.
Imaginations begin to run amuck,
Messianist dreamers foretell fortunes struck.
Failing to take heed of an infrequent moment
Our nation seems lost in its spiraling descent.

Arise from the dust! Let the light shine upon you!
Break material bonds and sow reason anew!
Marvel at the wonderful structures of reality,
In awe of He who set forth all in its totality!
Humility expanding in newfound lungs,
Breathing afresh amidst renewed songs sung.

Follow this path and illusions lose luster
Gird yourselves and gather strength to muster.
The battle for illumination has yet to be won,
So consider these thoughts when you gaze at the sun.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Neutron Star

Creativity sapped from a dry well.
An empty pit in the midst of a desolate tract.
Desertification taking hold of mind with creeping dunes.
A long gone withered cocoon.
The glorious insect is gone, whither it went is a wonder.
Neural passageways, electrochemical responses hollowed out.
Empty firings, missives to nowhere.

Suddenly it seeps in, flooding the crackled plain.
Rising and bursting, fashioning from dead embers flames.
Reverberating outwards splashing sparks on all it touches.
A sapling escaping a seed exploding from the soil.

And then the ebb regresses and the fade begins once again.
Momentary flashes, hopeful dashes.
Small glimmers of the world.
An infinitesimal fraction that miraculously escaped.
The somber pitch murmurs once again.
Desperately hoping to recapture bygones that may never return….

And then it does.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ata Ḥonen

Oh wisdom oh wisdom pour down on me, shower me.
Waters from on high cascade on me, anointing me.
Rise and rise till I’m up to my lips.
So I may nod and sip of the infinite sea.
Toil oh toil, I shall by day and night.
Till my soul takes flight.
A droplet entices those that are parched.