Sunday, October 18, 2009

The pious of the ages

The pious of the ages emerging from sacred pages invest in the sages. The right and the left veer not from their acumen their regimen their illumined intellectual vitamin. Ingest it digest it divest it they’ve blessed it. Matter take form forlorn for their bond of life their eternal strife invigorated by Abraham’s knife. Commitment insistence delay the play take the stage again resort to that den that den of iniquity the den of base victory. Illicit plunder hidden from under a throne a glorious throne intended to atone for the sin, the shame, the blame, the terrible game. Don’t follow my stolen path back to the garden with granite barriers that’ve hardened arisen with sharp flames that I’ve tamed. Follow the righteous the recluse the invasive rescue the overdrive stay alive the instinctual subjugation hive the deathtrap of a body of a material waste in haste. Shun me like the leper the shlepper the one who leads astray the one white as snow but vile as a nuclear glow lest the infection go on the detection spurred and pawned passed off for another opponent another beast another brain stained by desire for hire. Easy to slay easy to stay its nothing but a mountain a molehill an edifice grand stand against the damned declare your war and sound the horn before another generation is born another devastation is torn another integration raises its beast of a head in the mourn.