Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mystic vs Rationalist

The mystic seeks to manipulate Gd and the universe to serve his own needs, he believes that if he recites an incantation in just the right way, or performs a ritual while concentrating on the right powers he can literally affect a change in Gd. The rationalist seeks to understand Gd and His creation, he believes that meditating upon the ideas of an inspired prayer and contemplating the meaning of a rite during its engagement can affect change within himself. The mystic is obsessed with esoteric doctrines; the pursuit of which he believes increases his personal might in his duel with fantastic supernatural forces. The rationalist is preoccupied with studying reality, which he understands increases his awe and love for the Master of the Universe. The followers of the mystical trend are fond of their dogmas, they are fond of their saints, they are fond of their magical objects and rites, and they are fond of their unknowing predicament. The followers of the rational trend are fond of the truth, they are fond of their teachers, they are fond of the legal system guided by wisdom, and they are fond of eliminating their own misunderstanding. The mystic desires solely to gratify his emotional needs and sees performance as a means towards that end, the rationalist desires understanding for its own sake and sees performance as a means towards that end whilst recognizing the benefit accrued as an accident of the pursuit of an essential task. The mystic sees emotions as the primary mechanism through which religious experience can be achieved, the greater the unbridled worship of his own feelings the more ecstatically authentic the experience is. The rationalist sees emotions as a strong component of the psychological makeup, it is to be contended with and guided by reason lest it come to cloud his judgment, and the extent to which he can harness religious emotion plays a determining in role in the extent he understands the objective order.

The mystic eschews the rationalist as having tread in alien pastures (Greek thought), the rationalist retorts by indicating that the mystic has consumed of alien pastures without a discerning eye.

Cliché or thought provoking?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The Kenyan messiah has arrived; Ali ibn Abi-Talib was the first to forecast his coming. Tyrants across the globe telegraphed their kindest of wishes, and he dispatched the brow of a hill. Ninety-five of One hundred of his brethren cast him upon their shoulders holding him high above the nation with blind allegiances. Crocodile tears welled up from the shallow depths of lizards, and history has been constructed. A lame duck welcomed the dark prince into his home as the nation concerned itself with a goldendoodle. The Persian hitlerite offered his wisdom, and cautioned against the “never-ending demands of a selfish and fallible minority” and the exalted one coolly replied, “have no worries my friend, I will appoint the best architects Oslo has to offer.” They tell me there are 2 months 11 days 11 hours 33 minutes 30 seconds till he pledges his allegiance upon the bible of black liberation theology and recites the last rites over capitalism. May all our fears be unfounded. HOPE.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Rhyme or Reason



Rob my rhyme
Strip it down
Lyric’s crime

An appeal to images
Clashes with reason
I reveal pop quizzes
Ashes left of treason

21st Century rants
Lost centuries’ dance
Imagination’s contamination
Pretend its prophetic formulation

Cerebral capacity plagues the right brain
Cathedral tenacity the Hague a stain
Where did I go
Does it matter
I bet you are wondering the same…

Return to the theme
Paint the cream
Aesthetics prosthetics
Both false both crutches
One injures one touches
Hail the poet, the painter, the throw it, the tainter
The masquerader, the concealer, the liar, the teacher

The masses rejection
Is mere confirmation
Mental onanism

Who knows
I know I don’t know
But pretend to know who knows
despite not not knowing

Friday, August 15, 2008

Mind vs heart

Stray not after ye passion

Lest ye slip into crashings

Conquer and subjugate that will

That one that’s out to kill

Your immortal soul

Your subliminal hold

Don’t give it away

Don’t let it play

Circumcise that infatuation

That devastation

It’ll only bring you down

Its only a fleshy crown

An intellect

An intellect

Must ye perfect

A dialect

of humanese


that disease.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Sunday, June 1, 2008

An Eye Gazes Towards Zion - עין לציון צופיה

Jerusalem Day, unification delayed. They tell us to celebrate our marriage when we are in the midst of a divorce. So with bitterness I celebrate my bride. They say she is destined to be handed over to salivating mujahadin. How can we dance with joy on our anniversary as that mosque looms over us as a monument to our destruction? We are to believe that 67’ was a miracle – but what sane person spits in the face of the One who has wrought miracles for him? Only us. Only do we gnash at the Hand that feeds us. Only do we starve ourselves and commit suicide, as we cast our beloved into an unsavory den of wolves. The contemptible man officiating over the separation is embroiled in scandal, yet we pay no heed to that… just as those on the Indian subcontinent have their widowed wives dive into funeral pyres so too does the world desire that we set our eternal zvug aflame and destroy ourselves in the process. When will my family awaken from its morbid slumber? When will my mishpocha scream at me, halting the self destructive path whose forces I seem to be incapable of resisting? Would they actually allow this dreadful horror to proceed? I think they would…. During our honeymoon they built us a warm nest. But the nest was infested with all kinds of abominations. The marriage contract was ignored. The grounds on which our holy union was built eroded. Instead of evicting those pests they allowed them to proliferate. No, we built not a holy sanctuary for the Divine presence to dwell between us…. we strengthened the hold of vermin squatters in the name of alien deities. Oh Jerusalem. I have forgotten you. My right hand has withered away and crumbled into the Gazan sands. Please my precious bride forgive me. Though I do not deserve you, please, let us cry out in unison, let the trumpets wail, let the sirens sound, let our people awaken and see how low we’ve fallen… so that the Creator may have compassion on us, so that we can finally crown you in precious splendor, so that nations may peacefully stream towards you seeking your welfare and wisdom. Oh Jerusalem of stone, of material, of chomer and gashmius, let us anoint you with form, tzelem, ruchnius. May the Holy One Blessed Be He sanctify our matrimony with haste, before there is nothing left once more but waste…

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One Minus the Life of Ziv

Gladden me

Graspin’ at the tunes too soon

Lookin’ for a way to pay

Gotta find myself to pray

Gaspin’ air not too fair

Cookin’ schemes and holy dreams

Lotsa room for dreadful doom

Crackin’ sacred scrolls of soul

Makin’ scars from afar

Gonna reap the bottom’s deep

Trackin’ the race ahead a pace

Takin’ time for boxy pine

Detonate and illustrate

Fourty nine is thirsty-three

Seventeen is just reprieve

Slaughtered maraudered



Jerusalemite earthquake

Oh the joyous cult of Meron.

It saddens me.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Seven Nation Niggun

Devarim 20:17

כי-החרם תחרימם, החתי והאמרי הכנעני והפרזי, החוי, והיבוסי--כאשר צוך, ה' אלקיך

but thou shalt utterly destroy them: the Hittite, and the Amorite, the Canaanite, and the Perizzite, the Hivite, and the Jebusite; as HaShem thy Master hath commanded thee

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המצווה הקפ"ז

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Certain Uncertainty or Uncertain Certainty?

Strange fires we all present before the Lord.

Shockingly we perceive no reward,

Saved for the graces of those perfected…

Despite the fact we’re all connected.

It flows from upon high,

which differs not from down below.

The sprouts emerge from seeds we sow.

Noting not the things gone awry

Struck down in brotherly pairs

Convince each other of our despairs

Nothing’s really wrong except for everything

Nothing’s right are the songs we sing

Where’s the heifer? The paschal lamb?

Pass the pepper, and salt the scam

The apologetics, the false prophetics,

The stumbling along without prosthetics.

Its no wonder we aren’t one,

Except for when under the gun.

Not through the looking glass,

But into the mirror.

Alone alas

None too clearer