Sunday, June 1, 2008

An Eye Gazes Towards Zion - עין לציון צופיה

Jerusalem Day, unification delayed. They tell us to celebrate our marriage when we are in the midst of a divorce. So with bitterness I celebrate my bride. They say she is destined to be handed over to salivating mujahadin. How can we dance with joy on our anniversary as that mosque looms over us as a monument to our destruction? We are to believe that 67’ was a miracle – but what sane person spits in the face of the One who has wrought miracles for him? Only us. Only do we gnash at the Hand that feeds us. Only do we starve ourselves and commit suicide, as we cast our beloved into an unsavory den of wolves. The contemptible man officiating over the separation is embroiled in scandal, yet we pay no heed to that… just as those on the Indian subcontinent have their widowed wives dive into funeral pyres so too does the world desire that we set our eternal zvug aflame and destroy ourselves in the process. When will my family awaken from its morbid slumber? When will my mishpocha scream at me, halting the self destructive path whose forces I seem to be incapable of resisting? Would they actually allow this dreadful horror to proceed? I think they would…. During our honeymoon they built us a warm nest. But the nest was infested with all kinds of abominations. The marriage contract was ignored. The grounds on which our holy union was built eroded. Instead of evicting those pests they allowed them to proliferate. No, we built not a holy sanctuary for the Divine presence to dwell between us…. we strengthened the hold of vermin squatters in the name of alien deities. Oh Jerusalem. I have forgotten you. My right hand has withered away and crumbled into the Gazan sands. Please my precious bride forgive me. Though I do not deserve you, please, let us cry out in unison, let the trumpets wail, let the sirens sound, let our people awaken and see how low we’ve fallen… so that the Creator may have compassion on us, so that we can finally crown you in precious splendor, so that nations may peacefully stream towards you seeking your welfare and wisdom. Oh Jerusalem of stone, of material, of chomer and gashmius, let us anoint you with form, tzelem, ruchnius. May the Holy One Blessed Be He sanctify our matrimony with haste, before there is nothing left once more but waste…


sophia said...

shalom yerushalem always baruch ha-shem, love sophia

Anonymous said...

My first thought was... speak for yourself; for your own ignorances, abominations, and spit. Speak for the ignorance of the Israeli government... for those who give away gifts that are not theirs to give... I am not giving Jerusalem away.

...but you are right. One of the beautiful things about the Jewish nation is that the actions of some, are the actions of us all. When our own merit eludes us, we get to ride on the merits of our forefathers. Your kindness is mine... And unfortunately, the same rules for the ignorance and abominations of our brothers and sisters.

The gift of Jerusalem is its symbol of our past, and the light of our future. It was ours way before 67, and it will be ours long after some dumbass decides that it is his to give away...

... there could never be nothing but waste. Despite our despicable misdeeds, kindness does exist. Righteousness does exist. Some of us do try... and there is nothing wasteful about that.

For those of us with complete faith, (who jump on bulldozers) who risk their lives for the sake of their brothers... I am proud to be a part of their nation... and for the kindnesses that go unseen. And while we have done many shameful things as a whole, I am not ashamed.

Teshuva is important, but sorry's wear out, and G-d does not give gifts to the undeserving (how valuable would that be?). For anyone who has received a gift from G-d, there is a reason... and it's not because they begged for it with their lack of merit.

Besides, we do deserve it. If for no other reason than we have suffered long enough... if for no other reason than for those of us who have not given up, despite the trying times (and how trying they are), who fight, despite the strength of the tide, and continue to distinguish the Jewish nation from all the rest. We do deserve it.

... maybe it's time to inspire the gantze mishpacha with kindness. I've learned this to be the fastest road to manipulation. It tugs at a certain heart string, that no other methods seem to reach. It distinguishes the green paths from the red ones a little more clearly, without making us feel too far beyond return. Condemning with criticism, only makes us look more worthless, feel more worthless, and act more worthless.

That's just the way we are.

ps. I think you write beautifully...

BrooklynHabiru said...

"... maybe it's time to inspire the gantze mishpacha with kindness. I've learned this to be the fastest road to manipulation. It tugs at a certain heart string, that no other methods seem to reach."

Thank you for the sagacious advice and kind words.