Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kiddush HaḤamah

The masses will cry out “it’s the sun! it’s the sun!”
And rush out into the streets to bless the Holy One.
They’ll proclaim the sovereignty of the Master of Creation,
Who arranged the constellations and graced His holy nation.
A moment will pass to contemplate the universe,
And consider the eons that have been traversed.
Form entrapped in but insignificant dust,
Granted the opportunity to express its trust.

Natural phenomenon in the Month of Redemption,
Raising fevered pitches and testing temptations.
Imaginations begin to run amuck,
Messianist dreamers foretell fortunes struck.
Failing to take heed of an infrequent moment
Our nation seems lost in its spiraling descent.

Arise from the dust! Let the light shine upon you!
Break material bonds and sow reason anew!
Marvel at the wonderful structures of reality,
In awe of He who set forth all in its totality!
Humility expanding in newfound lungs,
Breathing afresh amidst renewed songs sung.

Follow this path and illusions lose luster
Gird yourselves and gather strength to muster.
The battle for illumination has yet to be won,
So consider these thoughts when you gaze at the sun.