Thursday, July 30, 2009

Perpetual Destruction

Sometimes I try to mourn and I just can’t bring myself to feel
Sometimes I try to mourn and fail to grasp that heal
Introspect and look within Introspect it flickers dim
Introspect retroject architect
I am master of my own design
Intellect I detect my own mine
Its just you just you the unjust the conceptual wanderlust
Traveling back and forth to and fro all within
All within and committed to sin committed to tin
Flexible malleable breakable animal
Be something more simply more something for
What for something more just for nothing more
Longer in exile than home

Monday, July 20, 2009

They're on the Horizon

The heavens swirl above
The heavens crash like doves
Fiery comets flame across the sky
Fiery comets dance across my eye
Oh cypress Oh cypress you pierce atmospheres
Oh cypress Oh cypress you fierce source of tears
Little hamlet down below
Sleeping, slumbering, silently
Catch the steeple spire
Little egret draped in snow
Whispering, grumbling, violently
Match the eagle, eagle’s ire
The blue hills roll away
The dew spills decay
And the righteous do return
The runts run amuck
Cold fronts a struck
And the righteous do return
Where do they hide?
Where do they bide?
The time it goes, it goes, it drifts
I watch it, I feel it, it passes me by
Change, its only evidence
To terrorize, to anathematize, to pulverize
My mind, my blind mind, my ignorance
The bliss it wisps it wisps
Broken promise, frailties honest
I’ll miss the wisps the locks
Where are the righteous?
How far, the righteous?
We are. We are. The righteous.