Thursday, February 5, 2009

Neutron Star

Creativity sapped from a dry well.
An empty pit in the midst of a desolate tract.
Desertification taking hold of mind with creeping dunes.
A long gone withered cocoon.
The glorious insect is gone, whither it went is a wonder.
Neural passageways, electrochemical responses hollowed out.
Empty firings, missives to nowhere.

Suddenly it seeps in, flooding the crackled plain.
Rising and bursting, fashioning from dead embers flames.
Reverberating outwards splashing sparks on all it touches.
A sapling escaping a seed exploding from the soil.

And then the ebb regresses and the fade begins once again.
Momentary flashes, hopeful dashes.
Small glimmers of the world.
An infinitesimal fraction that miraculously escaped.
The somber pitch murmurs once again.
Desperately hoping to recapture bygones that may never return….

And then it does.