Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Foundation Stone

A stone of contention from time immemorial

Let us listen to the stone’s own editorial

Reverence before it we apply our identity

Upon it is written conflicted propensity

I was born of the contracted speck of infinity in the Big Bang,

I tell a grand tale of all after initial birthpang.

I am the navel of the earth and the universe,

the center of all that’s been given of His purse.

Upon me the man named Earth was created,

his sons offered scents but one of them was hated.

The last antediluvian named Rest also thread nearness upon me,

Eventually he bore shame crying ‘in vino veritas’ in glee.

Not too soon after the Exalted Monotheist came to offer his son,

I saw an angel come whisper that all can be undone.

The Struggler also saw them climb up and down,

when his head rest upon me his descendants bore crowns.

I was forgotten for many generations,

and had become a Jebusite threshing station.

Then a kingly child who slayed with a slingshot recalled,

that in me the progress of history had been stalled.

So I was purchased in destitution and returned with restitution,

his son Peace reigned by holy constitution.

In those days I provided the Presence a place to dwell,

around me two Temples crumbled and fell.

Greeks, Romans, Crusaders, Mohammed’s invaders,

all of them traitors.

The latter erected The Quba, and on me this has truly been the hardest.

They chip at me, clip at me and remove evidence,

that my grandeur was once great, and immense.

I’ve heard an anointed intends to pay me a visit,

and swords to ploughshares will submit.

I sense that the day is ever so near,

listen closely you’ll hear the rams horn clear.”

A stone of ascension from time immemorial

We have listened to the stone’s editorial

Let it provoke us to secure rectification

The one as intended from sacred formation

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