Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Undeserving

Return us all to the Garden

After all, our souls are hardened

Like the Pharonic heart of stone

Now animate the Luz bone

Pardon me - it is not contempt

My soul’s overgrown and unkempt

Can we be culpable for lack of will?

Can Divine Messengers achieve multiple thrills?

We’ve all our design and our mission

We’ve even achieved nuclear fission

Power to destroy Power to build

Power to enjoy and to be spilled

In its time they say it will come

Unless we deserve the presence of ONE

When will He return Her to the resting place?

When will the burner take sins to erase?

Lapis philosophorum you do reveal at resurrection

Those who’ve merited achieving perfection

Debates of antiquity over the prophecies

Date restricted clover covering ground blissfully

One day it will arrive

We will know

We will strive

The 4 corners of our garments will be held

For all the misery will be felled

It’s already begun the eclipsing sun

I’ve already sung its already done


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