Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Omnidirectional flaming sword

Entrance by Man is abhorred

The Cherubs zealously protect the territory

They sing one to another Man’s sorry story

Attain holy keys in order to enter

Restricted from every which kind of dissenter

Open the Logos up to our minds

Allow it to breath the way it’s designed

Suffocating in Exile and Expulsion

Our contempt still not leading to revulsion

Abundant compassion poured upon our heads

Like the miserable showers rained upon the dead

Lift these dry bones that have been left to rot

Lift these stones to prove You’ve not forgot

Pishon, Gihon, Perat, and Chiddekel

Elusively near, a geographic speckle

One day the gates shall open wide

Our sins will have been cast aside

Everyone attaining prophetic degrees

Free of the falling mystical debris

Truth will ring throughout 70 lands

Having conquered all of time’s sands

The River of Life within our grasp

While we draw in final gasps

Across the precipice into another realm

Like Aminadav’s son I will take the helm

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