Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Edenic Plea

The sin of the Garden is the sin on our heads

The sin of the Serpent is in our beds

Dip into water so secure so unsure

Danger, danger but there’s allure

I want to be pure I want to be whole

I want to be sure I want a clean soul

The reeds sway against the nude

The shivers ascend ever so rude

Bring the adulterated flesh to the alter

Bring the syncopated one to Gibraltar

Contain the contaminated

And seal me like I’m laminated

If only it were so simple

To be another time wrinkle

Take it way as if we’d never played

Take it away as if we’d never bathed

The sin of Life was that she tempted me

The sin of Earth was his Lillit’s bickering

On the new moon of the fourth month

Of the 8th year after Creation I felt a new sensation

I am now fallen I am now calling

I am now on the floor bawling

Cleanse me please! Set me at ease…

This current affair it is a disease

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