Monday, December 31, 2007

Two Worlds

Prayer unto the Merciful;

In the name of Man:

Take her soul away today

Reveal the master plan.

Trapped in a vessel of mangled flesh

She is but innocence

Tapped of energies mind’s depressed

Hard to see the sense

Her mission none can comprehend

Perhaps to teach compassion

Now send her down unto her end

The vines have seen their rations

Perhaps it is but selfish instinct

To petition for such an act

But the High-Priest’s mother was succinct

Knowing none to argue the facts

One’s Mercy is another’s Justice

One’s Justice is another’s Mercy

I know not of cosmic scales

Nor the deeds they weigh

I know of sleepless wails

And machinations’ prey

From whence will come the maidservant

To smash an object on the ground

Release her from her torment

Distract the Sages’ sounds

She’d lift her 10 curled fingers

Towards the heights of heavens

May the melodious angelic singers

Usher her in “Peace” through Seven

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