Thursday, November 29, 2007


prolificity and profundity seldom in pairs

the truth between them splitting hairs

discharge of monumental proportions

heavenwards looking for the fortunes

worthless words like sheppards herds

blindly obeying lips directives invectives

chaotic jumble to humble the tongue

the very one that has sung

impediment before the ONE

cannot lead nor heed

for natures not begotten the deed

it must crumble and fall

though we stumble and crawl

from whence will leadership arise

it is not I that can bring demise

escape in birth the brutal edicts

royal garb commence self-evict

strike down the tyrant’s hand

flee the land

behold wondrous forms

amidst thistle and thorn

an eternal flame hallowed ground

external name narrowed found

proof! Before the elders

the doubters soul welders

mass revelation mass dedication

the only manner capable

of mass confirmation

return to the tribes

as one of them

bearing no bribes

no regal gems

I need my brother

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